5 Reasons why Rudy Gobert is Underrated

(Photo courtesy of Jazz #WallpaperWednesday campaign) By: Daniel Olsen 9/26/2018 The Utah Jazz season is almost upon us which makes it easy to dream about how great last season was. Donovan Mitchell was the Slam Dunk Champion, Quin Snyder was the reigning Coach of the Year (in our opinion anyway!), and didn't someone on the … Continue reading 5 Reasons why Rudy Gobert is Underrated

Utah Jazz 2018-19 H2H Lakers Series Preview

(Featured Image by ClutchPoints) By Mark Milligan Jr Sept 14, 2018 The West is a gauntlet. That much we know. Golden State is the team to beat and everyone else will be scratching and clawing over each other to rise to the top. Very few teams are sitting this season out and at least two … Continue reading Utah Jazz 2018-19 H2H Lakers Series Preview

Less is more for the Jazz

The last 12 months there has been a black cat running around the Utah Jazz organization as the team has had considerable bad luck. Most lesser teams would use this as an excuse to tank (for an example please look up the NBA teams in the Big Apple). However, the Jazz laugh in the face … Continue reading Less is more for the Jazz

The Return of Swatooine

A long time ago in a Valley far far away...... Playoff Wars: The Last True Rookie War has struck. The Rockets have landed on Planet Swat Lake City, also known as Swatooine on Star Wars Day. The Evil Sith Lord Darth Hideous (I mean, look at James Harden's beard) recruited Darth Homer also known as … Continue reading The Return of Swatooine

Houston WE are the Problem

James Harden is the lead MVP candidate after making a Houdini like disappearing act against the Spurs in the second round of last year's playoffs. How would a Spurs team without Tim Duncan do that though? Oh you'd need a savvy coach, someone who can score and guard your best player. A rim protector would … Continue reading Houston WE are the Problem

The Declaration of East Dependence

On July 4, 1776 The Declaration of Independence was signed by 56 people to declare their independence over Great Britain. Another sign of independence is the Liberty Bell in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Little did Philly know that two centuries later one smaller organization would in contrast merge with a large organization that would become one of … Continue reading The Declaration of East Dependence

Matchup Mania

Who will guard Russell Westbrook if the Jazz play the Thunder? Who will score inside against Z-Bo and Gasol if the Jazz play the Grizzlies? And should Gordon Hayward really "Fear the Beard" if he has to lead his young squad against James Harden and the Houston Rockets? These are the questions Jazz fans want … Continue reading Matchup Mania

Star Stifler

Holding The Greek Freak to single digits? Check. Holding Kevin Love to 12 points? Check. Holding Marc Gasol to 8 points while dropping 21 of his own on the former defensive player of the year? Checkmate. Rudy has proven he can stop the star studded big men in the NBA and his offensive repertoire has … Continue reading Star Stifler

Not Lanta 

After being on a Super Bowl choke job hangover, the Atlanta Hawks basketball team didn't make it any better for their city in a 25 point loss to the Utah Jazz. This pales in comparison to the heartbreak that was the 25 point lead the Atlanta Falcons surrendered to the New England Patriots in Houston … Continue reading Not Lanta 

All-Star Argument

One is a strong candidate for Defensive player of the year. The other is the leading scorer of the team. One hails from France and the other from Indiana, the basketball state of America. One signed a multi year contract with the Jazz. The other will become a restricted free agent this summer. Neither of … Continue reading All-Star Argument