2018 BYU Cougar Bowl Projections

Image via The Salt Lake Tribune Best Case Scenario: BYU is going to a bowl game! Worst Case Scenario: BYU is going to a bowl game. Most likely scenario: I don't know if I made myself clear but BYU is going to a freaking bowl game. They have a TV deal and contract with ESPN … Continue reading 2018 BYU Cougar Bowl Projections

The Best and Worst of Tanner Mangum

By now you've heard than Tanner Mangum was announced the starting quarterback for BYU. This probably brought mixed emotions. He's a senior so he brings plenty of memories, both good, bad and in between. The same people who were clamoring for Tanner to replace Taysom Hill are probably clamoring for Zach Wilson to replace Tanner. … Continue reading The Best and Worst of Tanner Mangum

Cougar Football Preview

Whether you blame it on injuries, the weather, the coaching or the refs, there's no way escaping that the Cougars had an embarrassing 4-9 season last year that they are unaccustomed to experiencing in Provo. The loyal and true in the royal blue will need to have faith and support their team this year even … Continue reading Cougar Football Preview