Utah Jazz: Preseason Game 1 Overreactions to the win vs the Suns

Utah Jazz: Preseason Game 1 Overreactions to the win vs the Suns

by Daniel Olsen | NBA basketball is being played and it’s just three months since the Jazz were eliminated by the Denver Nuggets in the first round of the playoffs. The preseason is underway and the Jazz started off with a 119-105 statement win over the Phoenix Suns. It’s only the preseason so it doesn’t count towards the standings. That doesn’t mean we can’t overreact to anything and everything related to the Utah Jazz. Here are a few overreactions that we will rate on a scale of 1-10 where 1 is a casual fan and 10 is like that Jazz die-hard that’s always overreacting on the team Facebook groups.

1. Nigel Williams-Goss is the next Stephen Curry

In just 14 minutes, Williams-Goss had 15 points. That’s over a point a minute! He also made both of the threes he attempted. He should start for the Jazz because nobody else who attempted a three made all their threes. Stephen Curry should watch out because the heir to his throne is coming and he resides in Utah!

Overreaction Scale: 10

2. Joe Ingles is a bad basketball player

Yes, Joe Ingles had a goose egg in 14 minutes. He missed both threes he attempted. He should give up basketball and either teach high school trigonometry or star as Toby in a reboot of The Office. We cannot handle any more of this embarrassment by Slow-Mo Joe on the Jazz! Either speed up the scoring or speed out of Utah!

Overreaction Scale: 9

3. Udoka Azubuike could replace Gobert today

In his first moments as an NBA player, Azubuike blocked a shot. While Gobert was named to the second team All-NBA Summer League in 2013, he did not block a shot on his first possession or show nearly as much potential as Azubuike. Gobert’s wingspan is only an inch longer at 7 foot 9 and they are both about the same height. The Jazz could keep Azubuike and hope he develops into more of an athlete than Gobert has been so far. This way, the Jazz could save plenty of money for basically the same player as Gobert on a rookie deal. They could take the excess money to spend on improving the team.

Overreaction Scale: 7

4. Jordan Clarkson is a walking bucket:

Ok this is not literally true. While he isn’t a cylindrical shape that holds water, every time he throws up a basketball, the ball goes in the hoop. He had a 19 point outing in the first preseason game and we propose that his name be changed to JC Buckets. Clarkson will ensure that the Jazz are contenders for a long time.

Overreaction: 5

5. The Jazz beat a bad Suns team by double digits:

Chris Paul wasn’t playing in this preseason game and aspiring All-Stars Udoka Azubuike, Donovan Mitchell and Jordan Clarkson all played. The Jazz did what they were supposed to do and bulldozed Phoenix by 14 points.

Overreaction scale: 3

Until next week, be sure to follow us in social media and keep the overreactions coming in our mentions. Go Jazz: NBA Title or bust!

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