Juab looks to continue its winning streak against Union

Juab looks to continue its winning streak against Union

By Jess Galvin

After winning their fourth straight game of the season last Friday, the Juab Wasps varsity football team is preparing to face the Union Cougars tonight at Union High School. The Wasps (4-0) so far this season have only played non-regional teams, including last week against the Delta Rabbits (0-4) whom they defeated 55-21. 

“We played well on offense and special teams. We need to start faster defensively and not wait until the second half to play solid defense,” said Juab head coach Mike Bowring on his team’s performance against the Rabbits. 

Preparing for tonight, the Wasps have been focusing on playing all four quarters on both sides of the field in practice as well as starting faster on the defensive end. As for the players Bowring is relying on to step up against Union (2-2), he emphasized his confidence in the team as a whole. 

“We have many players and lots of depth. We are counting on all of them to do their job no matter how big or small,” said Bowring.   

In order to secure their fifth straight win, the Wasps will have to lock in on the defensive end, especially on senior wide receiver Alec Labrum who is averaging 114 yards per game so far this season. 

“Number eight (Labrum) is the wide receiver they like to go to the most, but we want to focus on not giving up the big play and creating turnovers,” said Bowring.

Kickoff is set for 6 p.m. tonight at the Union High School football field.  

Featured image courtesy of Spenser Heaps via Desert News

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