Syracuse Titans cruise pass the Weber Warriors 42-17

Syracuse Titans cruise pass the Weber Warriors 42-17

by James Tate

Titans Kobe Bennett and Brevin Hamblin both score 2 touchdowns in a win

Syracuse jumped out in front of the Warriors in the first quarter on two Kobe Bennett touchdown runs. Bennett scored first from 10 yards out then added a 15-yard score to open the scoring for the Titans. Bennett, a junior, also eclipsed 1,000 career rushing yards in this game.

The Warriors responded in the second quarter with a 35-yard field goal by Jace Jones to make the score 14-3 going into halftime. The third quarter saw the Warriors secure a Syracuse-muffed punt. Unable to put the ball in the end zone, Weber attempted a field goal, but it was blocked, and the Titan’s Brevin Hamblin returned it for a 72-yard touchdown. This ended the Warrior’s momentum and made the score 21-3 with 4:15 remaining in the third quarter.

Before the third quarter ended, Weber was unable to move the ball and the Titans drove down the field and Jake Metcalfe scored from 7 yards out to make the score 28-3. The first Warrior drive of the fourth quarter saw Hamblin intercept Weber quarterback Aidan Carter inside the Warrior’s 20-yard line. The Titans would score again, this time a touchdown pass from quarterback Jake Hopkins to DJ Mayes from 15 yards out, making the score 35-3.

The Warriors kept fighting and scored a touchdown on a Carter to Crash Coggins 6-yard touchdown pass and catch. The 2-point conversion was successful, and the score was now 35-11. The Warrior’s special teams then blocked a Titans punt and drove down the field to the Titan’s 4-yard line. Nakosi Swain scored a rushing touchdown to make the score 35-17 with 1:22 left in the game.

The final score came on an onside kick attempt by the Warriors that was taken by Hamblin and returned 55 yards for a touchdown to make the final score 42-17 and a win for the Titans.

The Titans also saw great performances from receiver Dylan Croxford, defensive back Daxton Faddis, defensive lineman Sam Pula, and receiver DJ Mayes.

The Warriors Crash Coggins, Nakosi Swain, Porter Hayes, and Dawson Fenn played outstandingly in the game.

Photo courtesy James Tate

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