Historically Bad

In honor of one of BYU’s worst losing streaks in program history, here is a list of the five worst seasons of any team in the state of Utah: 1. 2006 USU football season: The Brent Guy era was in the middle of the Dark Ages of USU football. The local hero Riley Nelson made … Continue reading Historically Bad


Make the Homer pick

During the playoffs the Los Angeles Clippers star point guard Chris Paul called Jazz fans a "bunch of homers" and later claimed that it was a "compliment". This year it might be in the best interest of the Jazz to make the Homer pick when they select the last player in the first round of … Continue reading Make the Homer pick

Can’t spell Utah Jazz without Zaza

The Jazz are too nice. Well many of them are. Joe Ingles can get down under people's skin and Gobert's lightning bolt has made him more fearsome. However, the Jazz need someone who can inflict pain and instill fear into opponents. Enter Zaza Pachulia. The seven foot "star" from Golden State has become famous in … Continue reading Can’t spell Utah Jazz without Zaza

1997 Jazz vs Lebron’s Cavs

In 1997 John Stockton made the shot heard 'round the Lake. Fans flooded the airport to celebrate following his game winning three pointer over the Houston Rockets. These Jazz were one of the greatest teams to never win a championship but that's largely due to the obstacle they came up against in the all time … Continue reading 1997 Jazz vs Lebron’s Cavs

The Jazz need a hometown hero

Lebron Raymone James was born and raised in the Cleveland suburb of Akron. The cold winters and struggling economy of Cleveland didn't bode well as an attractive location for free agents of professional sports teams. It became rumored for 52 years that the city dubbed "The Mistake on the Lake" would be forever cursed in … Continue reading The Jazz need a hometown hero

Former Jazz players in Eastern Conference Finals

10 years ago two rising stars in Utah could be seen lighting up the scoreboards en route to a respectable showing in the Western Conference Finals. They would lose to the San Antonio Spurs in 5 games but their future looked bright? A decade later they made a conference finals again but this time it … Continue reading Former Jazz players in Eastern Conference Finals

Hayward snubbed from All-NBA honors

The three all-NBA teams were announced today and despite the best finish in 7 years by the Utah Jazz, Hayward wasn't among the 15 to be honored. This announcement came after Gordon Hayward made it to his first All-Star team. Hayward was the most deserving of the Utah Jazz players especially after recording stellar scoring … Continue reading Hayward snubbed from All-NBA honors

How the Jazz will keep Hayward

Some teams bring in iconic local greats like The Boston Celtics did by bringing Tom Brady and David Ortiz to meet Kevin Durant last year. Other tech savvy teams like the Golden State Warriors by Silicon Valley use state of the art gimmicks like virtual reality presentations to successfully lure their star to their team. … Continue reading How the Jazz will keep Hayward

Jazz season Recap

There were a lot of first times for many players on the Jazz roster. First playoff berth. First playoff series win. First time sporting a new hairdo. While some Jazz fans with high standards focus on the fact that these Jazz haven't accomplished what Stockton and Malone did, it's time to recap what the Jazz … Continue reading Jazz season Recap

Jazz future still bright after Game 3 Loss to Warriors

The Jazz have swung three times and struck out. They may have not lead at all in the first two games in Oakland in this series. Game 3 was a different story. The Jazz took a one point lead before half and played a close game until the last 4 minutes to the delight of … Continue reading Jazz future still bright after Game 3 Loss to Warriors