Hayward snubbed from All-NBA honors

The three all-NBA teams were announced today and despite the best finish in 7 years by the Utah Jazz, Hayward wasn't among the 15 to be honored. This announcement came after Gordon Hayward made it to his first All-Star team. Hayward was the most deserving of the Utah Jazz players especially after recording stellar scoring … Continue reading Hayward snubbed from All-NBA honors

How the Jazz will keep Hayward

Some teams bring in iconic local greats like The Boston Celtics did by bringing Tom Brady and David Ortiz to meet Kevin Durant last year. Other tech savvy teams like the Golden State Warriors by Silicon Valley use state of the art gimmicks like virtual reality presentations to successfully lure their star to their team. … Continue reading How the Jazz will keep Hayward

Jazz season Recap

There were a lot of first times for many players on the Jazz roster. First playoff berth. First playoff series win. First time sporting a new hairdo. While some Jazz fans with high standards focus on the fact that these Jazz haven't accomplished what Stockton and Malone did, it's time to recap what the Jazz … Continue reading Jazz season Recap

Jazz future still bright after Game 3 Loss to Warriors

The Jazz have swung three times and struck out. They may have not lead at all in the first two games in Oakland in this series. Game 3 was a different story. The Jazz took a one point lead before half and played a close game until the last 4 minutes to the delight of … Continue reading Jazz future still bright after Game 3 Loss to Warriors

Game 7

The best two words in sports are "Game Seven". It's the game for all the marbles, the big one, or as Rudy Gobert would call it, the "crème de la crème". Over the last 5 years the Los Angeles Clippers have been on the cusp of elite status in the Western Conference. However, they have … Continue reading Game 7

Even Steven

An eye for an eye. A tooth for a tooth. That was the law in Biblical times but in the days of Utah Jazz playoff basketball it is "a big for a big". Rudy Gobert has been injured for the first three games of the first round matchup against the Los Angeles Clippers. Now star … Continue reading Even Steven

Gobert or Go Home?

While kids everywhere were in sugar comas from eating Easter candy from all the eggs they put in their Easter egg hunt basket, Joe Johnson was furiously trying to put an egg of his own into a basket. The egg happened to be named Spalding. Spalding made it safely into his basket before time expired. … Continue reading Gobert or Go Home?

Win or Go Home

The Jazz have already clinched a Northwest division title and 50 wins. But how will a team that hasn't had home court advantage in the first round since 2001 overcome the veterans on the Los Angeles Clippers? The Jazz have gone through a series of droughts. They haven't won their division since 2008. They haven't … Continue reading Win or Go Home

Big Three in Utah?

Paul George reportedly said he'd love to play with Gordon Hayward. Jazz fans hope this doesn't mean Hayward will head back to his home state to play with the Indiana Pacers. What would it take to get PG-13 to play in Utah? How good would Utah be with him? What would the Jazz have to … Continue reading Big Three in Utah?

Health Matters

The Jazz are only a game ahead of the Clippers for the fourth and final home court advantage playoff seed in the West. With players like Hayward hurting with minor injuries it seems like this young team will follow suit of the other great NBA teams and give rest to their players who are hurting. … Continue reading Health Matters