Interview with LB/RB hybrid Mateaki Helu out of Stansbury

Interview with LB/RB hybrid Mateaki Helu out of Stansbury

by AJ Conlin

After the Stansbury Stallion’s convincing 72-13 victory over the Pine View Panthers, I had the opportunity to chat with Mateaki Helu. Helu mostly plays Linebacker but is also a powerful Running Back. Here is what the transfer from Tooele had to say:

How long have you been playing football?

“I’ve been playing ever since I could remember,” Helu said. “It was something that I just started with and that my dad put me into and trained me for.”

Was it your dad that wanted you to play Running Back?

“My dad actually wants me to play linebacker,” Helu explained. “Because of my size. I play running back because that’s just something I can also do… Linebacker is my natural position.”

How long have you been playing varsity football?

“I’ve been playing varsity all four years,” Helu stated.

Would you consider that hard work paying off?

“There was definitely a ton of sacrifices,” Helu said. “It cost my childhood, but definitely worth it. I’m super grateful and don’t regret a single thing.”

How do you feel about your individual performance in this past game?

“I’d say that I did okay,” Helu answered honestly. “Wasn’t able to give everything I have yet, but my performance wasn’t my 100 percent.”

How was the team’s performance as a whole?

“I’d say that even with the score it is,” Helu began. “Our team didn’t show everything they can do either. I love this team has already only been with them for a short amount of time compared to others, but I do know enough to let you know now, that this is only the beginning. The best is yet to come and the team is only going to keep getting better throughout the season.”

Do you think through improvement, you guys could go all the way to the State Championship?

“Most definitely,” Helu said confidently. “Our team has the potential, it’s just up to us to reach those limits.”

Mateaki Helu is a very humble man, with a “one percent better every day” attitude. He is excited to help lead the Stallions through thick and thin. Although he believes much improvement is needed, he is confident in Stansbury and their chances throughout this year. Helu and the Stallions will return to action on Friday, August 19th at 7 PM against the Ridgeline Riverhawks in Stansbury.

Photo credit: Mateaki Helu

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