All-Star Argument

One is a strong candidate for Defensive player of the year. The other is the leading scorer of the team. One hails from France and the other from Indiana, the basketball state of America. One signed a multi year contract with the Jazz. The other will become a restricted free agent this summer. Neither of … Continue reading All-Star Argument

Nickname Game

Ever since The Mailman (Karl Malone) helped deliver two western conference titles, Jazz media members have been striving to dub the rising Jazz stars with new creative names. From the less creative abbreviated names like D-Will (Deron Williams) to the quicker than a speeding bullet names like AK-47 (Andrei Kirilenko) people have tried but nothing … Continue reading Nickname Game

Jazz Attire

Many Jazz fans love to strut their stuff in Jazz attire. The local Fanzz sports gear store sells collegiate and professional team attire all across the state. While some college attire appears more often in their respective college towns, the Jazz are the one team that shows up in all stores throughout the state. With … Continue reading Jazz Attire