5 Reasons why Rudy Gobert is Underrated

(Photo courtesy of Jazz #WallpaperWednesday campaign) By: Daniel Olsen 9/26/2018 The Utah Jazz season is almost upon us which makes it easy to dream about how great last season was. Donovan Mitchell was the Slam Dunk Champion, Quin Snyder was the reigning Coach of the Year (in our opinion anyway!), and didn't someone on the … Continue reading 5 Reasons why Rudy Gobert is Underrated

Utah Jazz: Let’s get defensive

Hard defense creates easy offense. It sounds like a stereotypical high school basketball motto that is sometimes true. But does that turn a Jazz offense that lost their top two scorers into the Golden State Warriors? Not so fast. The Jazz have hovered around a top 5 defensive team the last few years in the … Continue reading Utah Jazz: Let’s get defensive